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Spangenhelm Publishing is a multi-genre, multi-platform publishing company.

We publish titles that are available at more than 39,000 independent and chain bookstores, libraries, and online retailers worldwide.

Spangenhelm Publishing titles are available in: Hard Cover, Paperback, ALL eBook formats, and Audiobook.

logo2Our Imprint: Spangenhelm Publishing UNITED STATES
Publisher Identifier: 978-1-943066

The articles published by the writers at spangenhelm.com focus on a variety of subject matter that varies from historical to anthropological.  We want our readers to experience the World of history through written pages.  We hope to educate the public on seldom known facts about ancient cultures of people whom have come and gone into the pages of history.

And, we hope, have some fun along the way as well.


  • Njord Kane
  • J.K. James
  • Rowan Ingvaldsson
  • Patrica Haynes
  • Robert S. Williamson
  • Nathan Kane
  • Philip Duane Boal



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