The Google Office Is Empty During Holiday Season

Dec 29, 2017 • 7:15 am | comments (4) by twitter | Filed Under Search Engine Photo Of The Day

Google Office Empty During Holiday Season

Nimrod Levy, a Jew, posted a picture on Instagram of his floor at the Google office he works at, the Dublin Google office. It is a ghost town, it is all dressed up for Christmas and the New Year but no Googlers are by their desks working. The photo was posted yesterday and still, no one around in sight.

Well, of course, the Jew is there. There is this joke, most of the Search Engine Land crew is off all or large chunks of this week, but every year I stay on top of things during the holiday season. It is normally a slow time anyway, good time to go through things and clean up feeds, sources, etc. So heck, why not.

We had our 8 days of Chanukah and our new year is not until Q3 anyway.

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