Practical Math Workbook, Grade 7

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Practical Math Workbook
Grade 7

by Spangenhelm Publishing

The Practical Math Workbook, Grade 7 is a workbook in practical mathematics designed to help build and support the skills your middle-school student needs for math achievement and success. There are progressive lessons and exercises that will help strengthen and sharpen their basic math skills through increasingly difficult subject matter.

Topics include: Addition; Subtraction; Multiplication; Division; Fractions; Decimals; Percentages; Simple Interest; Ratios and Proportions; Balancing the Books; Measurements and Measurement Conversions; Graphs and Charts.

The workbook includes a complete answer key, a mid-test and a final test to help students keep track of their progress and locate areas for improvement.

Home school or in the classroom, the Practical Math Workbook will help a student develop a mastery of everyday practical math skills.

Practical Math Workbook, Grade 7
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  • ISBN: 978-1943066124
  • Imprint: Spangenhelm Publishing
  • Category: Educational > Mathematics

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Njord Kane is an infantry and cavalry veteran who also served in law enforcement just prior to entering into the world of academia where he pursued the disciplines of military science, social psychology, and anthropology. Having left his profession, he now takes care of his adult autistic sons at home while passionately writing about early Norse and Mesoamerican culture and history at and Kane is also the author of numerous books including, The Vikings, The Maya, and The Viking Hero Series.

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