Reaching out through your Spirit Animal

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Have you ever reached out in the World through your Spirit Animal?

For most of us, the answer is a simple no.  Many of us have. but only by seeing the World through our spirit animal’s eyes.  That is, our spirit animal took us somewhere to see something they believed we needed to see.  obsessedMany try seeing through their spirit animal to spy on someone,  But this is not always successful.  More often than not, when someone is trying to spy on someone, it is because they either have a crush on them or want to spy on a lost love.  Their attempts usually fail and they have no clue as to why.  This is because your spirit animal is not your personal slave, but a guardian and guide and they know you don’t need to obsess on something you can’t have.  This is them looking out for you and your emotions.  frustrationThey know you are infatuated and probably obsessed over something you cannot have.  Additionally, that person you’re trying to spy on has the right to be left alone and your spirit animal isn’t going to violate their privacy just to feed your unhealthy obsession. This pretty much explains why someone can have such a close and long relationship with their spirit animal / guide / guardian and yet cannot do certain things which seem trivial and harmless.  It’s simply being protected and being looked after.

Spirit AnimalHowever, you can use your spirit animal to find something or to help “scout” some place.  This is really pretty common, but yet again it is based on “if” your spirit guide believes it’s necessary AND productive.  Basically, the means must serve the ends otherwise they are not going to bother.  After all, why should they?  They aren’t slaves to be used for your amusement.  They have a reason to allow you to look through their eyes and most of the time, it’s going to be presented to you in a dream or vision and simply not taking you on a voyage for fun.  You have google earth and Hollywood for that.

It is important to know, spirit guides come to us throughout our lives in various forms and species.

What do you see, a frog or humans?
What do you see, a frog or humans?

They choose us and their form, not us choosing them and their form.  They also choose if and when to connect with us.  They also decide if and when not to.  If they reach out to us, there is a reason (which usually is only known to them) and purpose.  They are usually here to guide and teach us.  Using them as a vehicle or a medium of reaching into the World through them is not their purpose.  When they allow it, it is usually on their terms, not yours.  Sorry to disappoint anyone who was reading this as a means of doing some things through a spirit animal.  Doing things through a spirit animal is an advanced undertaking which no human person can show you how to do.  owlonheadWhy?  Because it’s a personal thing between you and your spirit animal and if they allow it – THEY will teach you themselves.  And here’s a kicker: it is different with just about every spirit animal.  They only do such things, when there is a specific reason for doing so.  They are our guides and teachers, they’re gonna let you ride on their backs about as much as your High School teacher will let you stand on his/her (still waiting for gender-neutral pronouns in the English language) head in class.

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