Daily Search Forum Recap: May 15, 2020

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Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.

Search Engine Roundtable Stories:

  • Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Local Update, Hit But Core Update, Losing Relevance & Google Local Changes
    This week in search, Google confirmed that there was no major local search ranking update recently. I believe my site, the Search Engine Roundtable...
  • Google: Core Updates Do Not Impact Google My Business Data
    Google's John Mueller was asked if the Google May 2020 core update or any core update can have an impact on the Google My Business reports. He said no, core updates in Google Search are unrelated to Google My Business. But yes, we did see many local search ranking changes before, during and after this Google core update was announced.
  • Google Developer Docs Take About Two Weeks To Be Translated
    Lizzi Harvey, a tech writer at Google who works on a lot of the search related developer documents, said on Twitter that it normally takes about two weeks for the developer documents to be translated. So if the document is published in English on May 1st, it will take until about May 14th to be shown in other languages.
  • Google Deindexing Your Site? It Might Be Related To Quality Issues.
    Google's John Mueller said in a video hangout from May 1st, that often when he looks into SEOs or publishers complaining about Google de-indexing issues, often the issue is with Google not finding enough quality on the pages it has deindexed. John said in these cases, Google no longer wants to index the pages because they do not meet the quality benchmark.
  • Google Joke: How Many SEOs Does It Take To Screw In A Light Bulb?
    It has been a rough few months for a lot of us, so here is a corny SEO and Google joke I found on Twitter. Rob Delory asked John Mueller of Google "how many SEO's does it take to screw in a light bulb?" John responded, "it depends."
  • Google Tests Boxes With Shadows For Search Result Snippets
    Google seems to be heavily testing a new search results interface. Outlined search result snippets with a shadow effect. So the snippets that are boxes in, look a bit raised off the web page.
  • Google Wooden Crates
    I've only seen massive wooden crates with the Google logo on them and those were used for shipping. Here are smaller wooden crates with the Google logo used for decorative purposes. This was shared o

Other Great Search Forum Threads:

  • My blog is a decade-old scrape of its last Wordpress iteration. It gets 100 PSI score, no way I'm messing with it!, Brian White on Twitter
  • The difference is subtle: https://t.co/JdQgDsfjRu -- for scrolling, you probably don't want the back-button in the browser to just take you one page back up (there's no SEO difference)., John Mueller on Twitter
  • Covid Testing Data for Google Business Profiles Can Now be Submitted to Third Party https://t.co/P4qXUHnuP3 #CovidTesting @GoogleMyBiz @rustybrick @localuniv https://t.co/g5fO6qXiky, Andy Simpson on Twitter
  • PSA: his website that has a page for every possible conversion variation between Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin, and Rankine for values between -10k and +10k, down to two decimals for good measure, is not ranking, Gary Illyes on Twitter
  • There are always bugs, but in general, that's pretty common & expected., John Mueller on Twitter
  • Sounds like Googlebot needs to learn how to roll a dice :). My usual advice is to not rely on interpretation of mixed signals, and rather to be as explicit as possible with regards to your preferred outcom, John Mueller on Twitter

Search Engine Land Stories:

  • Google Chrome to crack down on battery- and data-sucking display ads
  • Compare ad management tools for Google Shopping, Amazon, and more
  • What do local SEOs really think of Google My Business support?
  • The old marketing playbook isn enough during COVID [Video]
  • Inside the judging chamber: 17 tips for crafting impressive awards submissions

Other Great Search Stories:


  • Build a Data Studio Dashboard in 10 Steps, In Marketing We Trust
  • Combining LinkedIn and Google Analytics Data to Optimize Your Campaigns, Portent
  • How To Track the KPIs that Matter in Google Analytics, Bluetout

Industry & Business

  • One founder’s mission to make healthcare more accessible, Google Blog
  • Reintroducing a community for Polish & Turkish Site Owners, Official Google Webmaster Central Blog

Links & Content Marketing

  • How Python Can Create Better Content Briefs and Improve SEO, SEM Rush
  • Optimizing Old Vs Creating New Content, Searchmetrics
  • SEO for Beginners: What makes a bad link?, Hallam
  • Risk-Averse Link Building - Best of Whiteboard Friday, Moz

Local & Maps

  • How to add maps to Google Data Studio reports, LinkedIn

Mobile & Voice

  • You can now talk to JustWatch on Google Assistant, Android Police


  • 5 Reasons You’re Not Ranking Right Now and What To Do Instead, BruceClay
  • April's Top 100 Most Visited Websites Via Organic Search, Similarweb
  • How one EMEA retailer grew 78% in web traffic with SEO and Conductor, Conductor
  • Beginner's Guide to Google Search Console, Vertical Leap
  • The May 2020 Google Core Update - 4 Case Studies That Emphasize The Complexity Of Broad Core Updates, GSQI


  • AdLingo Ads Builder turns an ad into a conversation, Google Blog
  • Announcing v202005 of the Google Ad Manager API, Google Ads Developer Blog
  • How consumer intent has shifted across the globe, Microsoft Advertising
  • How to Use Optimization Score to Stay Ahead of Your Competition, Seer Interactive
  • British Gas energized by Responsive Search Ads, Microsoft Advertising

Other Search

  • Protecting against resource-heavy ads in Chrome, Chromium Blog
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