The Hidden Hollow gets an awesome trailer! The Rise in Viking Themed Fiction

trailer hidden hollow

The Hidden Hollow, a Norse-themed historical fiction-fantasy, will be released this coming September and Spangenhelm Publishing just released an awesome trailer to promote it. In the trailer we see footage of someone running through Scandinavian forests, Viking warriors marching to battle, longships sailing through fjords, and what appears to be a huldra from Norse folklore hiding behind a tree. These are just some of the many things featured in The Hidden Hollow. With risk of further spoilers, it’s also revealed that it features some drama behind a vengeful draug – Vikings just won’t stay dead! Sadly, not many spoilers appear…

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The Hidden Hollow

The Hidden Hollow by Njord Kane Awakened late in the night, his life is changed forever. The events that follow propel him on a journey that only the foolhardy or desperate would risk. He is led into the forest and up the mountain – into a whole world of secrets in itself. This is only the beginning of his adventures. Something is stirring in the forest, something more ominous than the rising threat across the seas. Fearful travelers whisper of a darkness breathing in the forest, disturbing it, corrupting it.…

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The Vikings

Awaken the Viking Legend Inside You! Learn the History and Culture of the Norse! From early Nordic Stone Age civilizations that began the Ax Culture to the Age of Viking Expansion. The story of the Norse is a Viking adventure in history. The history and evolution of the Vikings began when the first ancient Nordic tribes made their first stone battle axes. A complex Norse society and culture evolved that groomed legendary warriors whose voices still roar out today. Take a journey into the Age of Viking Expansion where Ragnar Lothbrok, Rollo,…

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