Norse Folklore, The Night Mare

A Mare is an evil spirit or huldrefolk (hidden folk) in folklore which rides on people’s chests while they sleep, often bringing on bad dreams or “nightmares“. The mare (Old Norse: mara) is mentioned in the Eyrbyggja saga, Ynglinga saga, and Vatnsdæla sagas. In English, the name appears in the word for “nightmare“. The Swedish word “mardröm” literally means mara-dream, the Norwegian word “mareritt” and the Danish “Mareridt”, both mean ‘Mare-ride’ or the Icelandic word ‘martröð’ means mara-dreaming repeatedly. The Mara is also a demon in Buddhism and some Buddhists have amulets blessed by monks to…

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The Hidden Hollow gets an awesome trailer! The Rise in Viking Themed Fiction

trailer hidden hollow

The Hidden Hollow, a Norse-themed historical fiction-fantasy, will be released this coming September and Spangenhelm Publishing just released an awesome trailer to promote it. In the trailer we see footage of someone running through Scandinavian forests, Viking warriors marching to battle, longships sailing through fjords, and what appears to be a huldra from Norse folklore hiding behind a tree. These are just some of the many things featured in The Hidden Hollow. With risk of further spoilers, it’s also revealed that it features some drama behind a vengeful draug – Vikings just won’t stay dead! Sadly, not many spoilers appear…

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Did you know “Jack and Jill” comes from a Scandinavian Folktale?

Did you know that the popular and well known nursery rhyme “Jack and Jill” comes from a Scandinavian Folktale written in the Prose Edda? The Scandinavian version of the rhyme tells the story of two Norse children who were sent to pull up song-mead from Mimir’s Well. On their way back home, the two children and their bucket full of song-mead were carried off by the moon god. In chapter 11 of the 13th-century Prose Edda Gylfaginning, written by Icelandic historian Snorri Sturluson, tells of Hjúki and Bil, brother and sister…

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