The Hidden Hollow gets an awesome trailer! The Rise in Viking Themed Fiction

trailer hidden hollow

The Hidden Hollow, a Norse-themed historical fiction-fantasy, will be released this coming September and Spangenhelm Publishing just released an awesome trailer to promote it. In the trailer we see footage of someone running through Scandinavian forests, Viking warriors marching to battle, longships sailing through fjords, and what appears to be a huldra from Norse folklore hiding behind a tree. These are just some of the many things featured in The Hidden Hollow. With risk of further spoilers, it’s also revealed that it features some drama behind a vengeful draug – Vikings just won’t stay dead! Sadly, not many spoilers appear…

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Valheim Hof in Denmark, dedicated to Odin and the gods

A new temple dedicated to the Norse god Odin and other gods has opened in Denmark. Is it the first Odin’s temple since the Christianization of Scandinavia, which took place between the 8th and the 12th centuries.  The year 1188 AD marks the triumph of Christianity in Denmark with the canonization of St. Canute (Sankt Knud), the patron saint of Denmark.  Since then, the old ways native to the Danish folk was suppressed for centuries.  Finally, as the old ways become re-embraced into Danish culture, a temple rises to hail the way. It is…

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