The Blót – Norse Holidays and Religious Observances


The Blót is a sacrificial holiday held in honor of the Dísir, the Gods, and Ancestors. Also called a Dísablót (deese-a-blawt), which is two words, ‘dísir’ (or ‘dís’) and ‘blót’. Meaning, it is a “Dísir’s Blót” or “Blót for the Dísir.” A Blót is a sacrifice offered to the Norse gods and/or the spirits of the land, homestead, or clan. The blót sacrifice is often offered in the form of a sacramental drink, meal, or feast which is usually placed or poured over a hörgr (stone altar), vé (shrine), lund (grove), haug (sacred mound), or other sacred location such as a hof (temple).…

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