This, ladies and gentlemen, is a fossilized Viking Turd.

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This fossilized Viking Turd is one of the biggest pieces of ancient human sh*t ever found.

Scientists determined that the creator of this hefty specimen was a Viking that lived around the 9th century AD, during the Viking Age. (Read: The Vikings by Njord Kane for more info about the Viking Age.)vikingyell

The fossilized Viking turd is called the Lloyds Bank coprolite.  It is a large paleofeces, or desiccated human dung specimen that was recovered by archaeologists excavating the Viking settlement of Jórvík (now York) in the UK.  The Lloyds Bank Coprolite (fossilised human feces) was dug up from a Viking site at Coppergate, York, England by archaeologists.

It was found in 1972 beneath the site of what was to become the York branch of Lloyds Bank and may be the largest example of fossilized human feces ever found. Analysis of the seven-inch-long (19.5 cm) stool has indicated that its producer subsisted largely on meat, pollen grains, cereal bran, and bread whilst the presence of several hundred parasitic eggs (whipworm) suggests he or she was riddled with intestinal parasite worms (maw-worm).

Lloyds Bank Turd

In 1991, paleoscatologist Andrew Jones made international news with his appraisal of the item for insurance purposes: “This is the most exciting piece of excrement I’ve ever seen. In its own way, it’s as valuable as the Crown Jewels” – The Wall Street Journal, 9 September 1991

The Lloyds Bank coprolite is currently on display at the Jorvik Viking Centre at Coppergate, York, UK


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